We seek to protect the environment, voluntary participation of conscious society.

The Association was established on the basis of the list of charitable associations and institutions issued by the Council of Ministers No. 107 dated 25/6/1410 H. It was licensed on the basis of the approval of the Minister of Social Affairs No. 82406 dated 26/7/1437 AH and registered with charitable societies No. 764 dated 27/6 / 1437.

Assembly goals:

The Association adopts many objectives that will support all efforts to preserve and sustain the environment.

  • To spread environmental awareness among all segments of society and all ages and to inform them about the importance of their environment and their preservation.
  • Contribute to all that would increase environmental awareness in cooperation with society to achieve this.
  • Act as a sergeant and environmental conscience against erroneous behaviors.
  • Cooperation with official bodies concerned with environmental protection.
  • Establish a specialized center for the teaching of proper environmental behavior and reuse.
  • Educate a generation of conscious youth and employ their efforts to defend and preserve the environment.